Air Shifter Kit ***NO BOTTLE***

SAE's Sport Bike Electric Air Shifter gives you perfect shifts at the push of a button. The Sport Bike Electric Air Shifter includes all components and instructions necessary for a basic installation, however you will need to fabricate your own shifter bracketry. Our kit includes our super fast switching valve, push lock air line fittings with swivel 90 deg. and one "T" and straights, plenty of high pressure air line,  0-200 psi pressure gauge,schrader filler valve. You will need to provide your own compressor, and engine kill module, and harness.

This version of our air shifter kit does not come with a bottle.  It is meant to be used with an air tank build into your swing arm. 


Other stores sell these kits for $225 or more

These kits can be used on imported or american motorcycles.


If you have any questions please contact us

Air Shifter Kit   ***NO BOTTLE***
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  • Manufacturer: SAE Outlaw Performance
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