Billet Sprocket Covers One Piece for Hayabusa

BILLET SPROCKET COVERS One Piece 2008-2016 Hayabusa

The Hayabusa is notorious for sprocket cover breakage when you increase the clutch spring pressure..There are several ways to deal with the problem, we have them all covered!!!! But if your looking for the ultimate in strength and looks, the one piece cover is the only way to go....The one peice cover will add significant strength to protect your water pump and gear shifter cover in case of chain breakage..... They are one piece all aluminum 6061 material....

 They can be used on gen one models but you need to use the gen 2 pistons and gen 2 shift shaft cover..... Also, i made these so that if a chain lets go, it will use the frame as additional support...meaning its very close to the will need to press the dowels in placeto make sure they locate exactly right.... 2 new bolts are included for the slave cylinder, but you will use you original push rod and 4 mounting bolts!!!! I have a bunch finished right now, I would like to sell them for the $199.99 to get them out there....I think they are really nice for the price!!!! You cant get a one piece for that price....only the 3 piece.

Billet Sprocket Covers One Piece for Hayabusa
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  • Item #: B109
  • Manufacturer: SAE Outlaw Performance
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Price $199.99