Hayabusa Fully Adjustable Lowering Links

Hayabusa fully adjustable lowering links... Made from 416 stainless steel body, black.ox coated and zinc plated ends for high corrosion resistance and good looks...They are high strength links that use the factory bolts..Not the wrong sized ones you will find with new bolts that fit sloppy because of the rod ends are sized wrong or some of the others that are made in CHINA!!... These are on some of the fastest pro street bikes making over 600 HP and running 6 second quarter miles!! They are made to fit all year Hayabusas  99-2017 yrs..

They are made right here in the U.S.A.!!

These will adjust for stock height to 3.5" lower than stock height and our links have jam nuts are made in house and are thinner for added adjustment in height for the really long bikes that need that little bit extra of adjustment.

Don't fool around with cheaper links made over seas with cheap materials that will fail.

Buy direct from us the manufacturer and get the best links made!!!

Hayabusa Fully Adjustable Lowering Links
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  • Item #: LL101
  • Manufacturer: SAE Outlaw Performance
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Price $74.99