Hayabusa High Volume Oil Pump Gear

SAE Outlaw Performance High Volume oil Pump gear gear is a direct bolt in replacement                for the OEM oil pump gear. This gear increases the oil pumps output for more volume to your engines bearings and top end. It will also increase the pressure slightly.              

        These are typical results from stock to the the high volume gear


 3000 RPM, 32 psi with stock gear - 52 psi with high volume                gear. 6000 RPM, 72 psi stock - 90 psi HV gear.               


Our gears are lighter than the others, and are heat treated for long life..They are also coated to prevent any corrosion. The SAE gear weighs is at approx. 15-18 grams lighter!  And any reciprocating weight savings in your engine can add up to more power.


The other companies are selling their gears for $115..We can sell ours at this price because we are the manufacturer. Theres no middle man.


We strive to help the racers out there by keeping the cost as low as possible....


The gear will fit all year Hayabusas  Gen 1 and Gen 2 models 


From 1999-present

Hayabusa High Volume Oil Pump Gear
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  • Manufacturer: SAE Outlaw Performance
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