ZX 14 Counter Balancer Dummy Shafts 06-19

Counter Balancer Replacement Shafts for Kawasaki ZX14 that fit model years  2006-2019. When you remove the counter balancers from a ZX14 crankshaft you need to block off the oiling passages from the original  counter balancer mechanisms in the crankcase. You can replace both balancer assemblies with these lightweight billet aluminum "dummy" shafts.When you remove the stock balancers you take out over 4 pounds of rotating mass!!!  This will allow the engine to rev quicker and faster.   Remove the stock assemblies and insert these shaft in their place. The precision-machined shaft blocks all oil passages. Priced As Set of 2.

ZX 14 Counter Balancer Dummy Shafts 06-19
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  • Item #: k101
  • Manufacturer: SAE Outlaw Performance
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Price $39.99