ZX 14 High Volume Oil Gear

This high volume oil pump gear is a direct bolt in replacement for the OEM oil pump gear. The gear causes the pump to turn at faster speeds which increases oil volume and thus pressure at a lower RPM.

It will increase the oil pressure as well as more volume. The usual increase is 20-25 psi for the entire rpm range.

 SAE Outlaw Performance gears are heat treated and hard coated for excellent wear protection and long life.

The gear will fit zx 14 models from 2006- 2019 years.

NOTE!!  Gear must be pressed on and tack welded

NOTE: It is possible to hear gear noise until the gear seats and wears in. Usually this takes only a minute or two

ZX 14 High Volume Oil Gear
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  • Item #: k102
  • Manufacturer: SAE Outlaw Performance
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Price $79.99